MIT OCW 6.837 Assignment 2

Last weekend I have finished assignment_2.

This assignment adds ambient & normal shading to the raycast program of assignment 1.

Now 3D objects looks much more like 3D objects.

And, here is my code.


Now the objects looks like this. (3 graphics for each scene. From left to right: real, depth, normal[red:x, green:y, blue:z])
Figure 1. A Sphere with normal shading

depth5 normal5 scene5

Figure 2. A Sphere with both normal shading and ambient
depth6 normal5 scene6

Figure 3. Perspective Camera

depth7 scene7

Figure 4. Infinite Plane Object

depth8 normal7 scene8

Figure 5. Triangle

depth9 normal8 scene9

Figure 6. Triangle Mesh


Figure 7. Rotated Sphere



Figure 8. Transformed Sphere


Figure 9. Complex Triangle Mesh (n = 200)

depth13 normal13 scene14
Figure 10. More Complex Triangle Mesh (n = 1000)

depth14 normal14 scene15

Figure 11. Axies

depth15 normal15 scene16


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